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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1282, (1983-01-12)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1282, January 12, 1983 ]

TO :
All Ministries and Offices Concerned

In recent years intelligence funds appropriated for the various ministries and certain offices have been, as reports reaching me indicate, spent with less than full regard for secrecy and prudence. On the one hand, there have been far too many leakages of information on expenditures of said funds; and on the other hand, where secrecy has been observed, the President himself was often left unaware of how these funds had been utilized.

Effective immediately, all requests for the allocation or release of intelligence funds shall indicate in full detail the specific purposes for which said funds shall be spent and shall explain the circumstances giving rise to the necessity for the expenditure and the particular aims to be accomplished.

The requests and the detailed explanations shall be submitted to the President personally.

It is imperative that such detailed presentations be made to the Presidents in order to avoid such duplication of expenditures as has taken place in the past because of the lack of centralized planning and organized disposition of intelligence funds.

Full compliance herewith is desired.

Manila, January 12, 1983.