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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 344, (1975-12-12)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 344, December 12, 1975 ]

All Concerned

The Director of Lands shall survey and prepare a technical description of the tourist zone, which survey and technical description shall be considered and integral part of Proclamation No. 1520 date November 287, 1975 declaring the Maragondon-Ternate-Nasugbu Tourist Zone.

The Philippine Tourism Authority shall formulate a development plan, in coordination with the Department of Tourism and other government agencies and the local governments exercising political jurisdiction, or preparing sectoral plans, over the area; formulate and implement zoning regulations, including building codes and other restrictions as may be necessary within a tourist zone to control its orderly development; and enforce adherence to the approved zone development plan, subject to the penalties provided in Section 39 of P.D. 564.

The Philippine Tourism Authority shall submit the zone development plan through the Department of Tourism and the National Economic and Development Authority to the President for review and approval before the same is enforced and/or implemented.

Department heads and heads of Government-owned and controlled corporations, Government agencies and instrumentalities are directed to cooperate with and assist the Philippine Tourism Authority in making comprehensive technical, financial, market, socio-economic, regional development and other studies of the Tourist Zone within the limits of their capability and authority.

December 12, 1975