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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 237-A, (1974-12-23)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 237-A, December 23, 1974 ]

TO :
Secretary Troadio Quiazon, Jr.
Department of Trade
Administrator Jose Unson
Sugar Quota Administration
Don Manolo Elizalde
Philippine Sugar Association
Mayor Natalio Velez
Association of Integrated Millers
Mr. Armando Gustilo
National Federation of Sugar Cane Planters

It is reported that sugar is being sold directly to buyers engaged in trading of sugar both domestically and internationally. This has threatened not only the domestic market but also the allocations of sugar for export.

I hereby direct that henceforth all sales or transfers of sugar, except in accordance with allocations provided for by the Sugar Quota Administration as authorized under Presidential Decree No. 579, and all sales of sugar for export, shall be made only through the Philippine Exchange.

Any violation of Presidential Decree No. 579 and of these instructions will be considered an offense in restraint of trade and punishable under the provision of the Revised Penal Code on monopolies and combinations in restraint of trade.

December 23, 1974