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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS No. 1443, (1984-12-19)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS No. 1443, December 19, 1984 ]


WHEREAS, Civilian Home Defense Forces (CHDF) have become an indispensable arm of the government for the maintenance of peace and order at the community level, particularly in providing a regular local response to or defense against insurgent activities in rural areas;

WHEREAS, the General Appropriations Act upholds the competence and authority of "local government legislative bodies to enact ordinances/resolutions authorizing payment thru the AFP of additional benefits/allowances to CHDF members within their respective jurisdictions" (Special Provision No. 2 of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Batas Pambansa Big. 640) ;

WHEREAS, there is a need to augment the limited resources and funds available for the maintenance of said CHDF units in order to make them better equipped and organized and more effective in discharging their functions;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E, MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law and pursuant to the pertinent provisions of Batas. Pambansa Blg. 640 or the General Appropriations Act of 1984, do hereby authorize provincial, city and municipal governments to appropriate certain portions of their available local funds to augment existing national funds, for the maintenance and operation of CHDF units, subject to the following provisions:
  1. Local government units concerned may appropriate local funds for allowances of CHDF members provided that the amount does not exceed the amount equivalent to what is presently given by the national government.  In addition thereto, said local governments may also allocate funds for other basic operational requirements of CHDF members, such as uniforms and logistical/mobility expenses, subject to availability of funds and the approval of the Ministry of Local Governments.

  2. In no case shall local governments appropriate funds for the purchase of armaments, ammunition and components, and other similar equipment.

  3. Local chief executives shall coordinate effectively with the PC/INP commanders at their respective levels for purposes of determining existing requirements for local government assistance to CHDF units as herein provided as well as the mechanics for the availment of CHDF members of such assistance, subject to the approval of the Regional Unified   Command   concerned.  For this  purpose, RUC Commanders shall furnish the Minister of Local Government, through the Minister of National Defense, a list of localities recommended for availment of local government assistance to CHDF units.

  4. The Minister of Local Government and the Minister of National Defense shall issue such guidelines and take such measures as are necessary or appropriate to carry out these instructions.
Done in the City of Manila, this 19th day of December, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-four.

President of the Philippines