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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1182, (1981-12-16)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1182, December 16, 1981 ]

The Heads, Directors, Chairman, etc., of the following
Ministries, bureaus, office and agencies:
Board of Censors for Motion Pictures
Board of Energy
Board of Investments
Board of Power and Waterworks
Board of Tax Appeals
Board of Transportation
Bureau of Cooperatives
Bureau of Customs
Bureau of Quarantine
Bureau of Domestic Trade
Bureau of Energy Utilization
Bureau of Fiber Inspection Service
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
Bureau of Foreign Trade
Bureau of Forest Development
Bureau of Land Transportation
Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences
Bureau of Research and Laboratories
Bureau of Tourism Services
Central Bank
Central Board of Assessment Appeals
Civil Aeronautics Board
Civil Service Commission (applicants for Civil Service Examination)
Collector of Customs
Commission on Audit
Commission on Elections
Energy Conservation Commission
Commission on Immigration and Deportation
Food and Drug Administration
Home Financing Corporation
Insurance Commission
Labor Arbiters
Land Registration Commission
Local Civil Registrars
Legal Office, Malacañang
Maritime Industry Authority
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Human Settlements
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Tourism
National Bureau of Investigation (clearance)
National Electrification Administration
National Labor Relations Commission
National Seamen Board
National Telecommunications Commission
National Water and Air Pollution Control Commission
National Water Resources Council
Office of Consular affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Overseas Employment Development Board
Philippine Atomic Energy Commission
Philippine Bureau of Product Standards
Philippine Consulates Abroad
Philippine Inventors Commission
Philippine Patent Office
Professional Regulation Commission
Register of Deeds
Reprinting Committee
Technology Transfer Board
Textbook Board, and
Such other agencies which exercise quasi-judicial functions .
Collection of Legal Research Fee imposed by Presidential Decree No. 200 Amending Republic Act No. 3870

It has been brought to my attention that many of die agencies charged with collecting the additional legal research fee imposed by Presidential Decree No. 200 amending Republic Act No. 3870 are not complying with the mandate of the law.  The law requires tha collection of the additional amount of one percent (1%) of the filing fee imposed but in no case lower than five pesos, in the case of the appellate courts and the additional amount of one percent (1%) of the filing fee imposed, but in no case lower than two pesos, in the case ol all other courts, including all administrative or special courts, agencies or tribunals exercising quasi-judicial functions.

To reinforce and expand the activities adopted in response to growing law-related needs of the country, Executive Order No. 714 dated 1 August 1981l implementing Presidential Decree No. 711, directs that the additional research fees collected shall upon collection be automatically released to the University of the Philippines and immediately deposited in a separate account in any authorized Government depository bank in the name of the National Treasurer as ex-officio Treasurer of U.P. under the U. P. Chapter.

WHEREFORE, you are hereby enjoined to require, and to see to it that your official and employees charged with collection of the aforementioned fees remit the same without delay pursuant to the foregoing paragraphs.

For strict compliance and immediate implementation.

Done in the City of Manila,, this 16th day of December, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-one.

President of the Philippines