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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1088, (1980-11-29)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1088, November 29, 1980 ]

Minister of Human Settlements
Minister of Budget
Minister of Finance
Governor, Central Bank of the Philippines
Chairman, Development Bank of the Philippines
Chairman, Commission on Audit

In order to strengthen and hasten the implementation of the BLISS program of the Ministry of Human Settlements, you are hereby directed to:
  1. Develop and implement a countryside livelihood program through BLISS.  To initially effect this program, MHS shall front-end livelihood component in implementing all BLISS projects.

  2. Develop a rural financial infrastructure to support the above-mentioned countryside livelihood program utilizing the existing rural banking and private development flanks systems.  Specifically, establish and implement within the existing Central Bank guidelines and government accounting and auditing rules a financial system for the release, distribution, lending investment and collection of funds/remittances of beneficiaries serviced by the BLISS program of the Ministry of Human Settlements.  The scheme shall include investments of HSDC into rural banks/ private development banks to obtain majority control of said banks provisions of existing laws notwithstanding as well as a management training program for rural and private development banks core staff oriented towards livelihood packaging.

  3. Treat the shelter, land development and livelihood expenditures for BLISS projects into one single investment of the MHS/HSDC.  Interchangeably, all shelter, land development and livelihood loans shall be treated as unitized loan package for mortgage purposes.  Rediscounting facilities for these mortgages shall be firmed up by the Central Bank.

  4. Adopt an amortization schedule for such unitized loan Package.

  5. Equitize all BLISS appropriations into the Human Settlements Development Corporation as additional government Payments to HSDC capitalization.

  6. Execute,all necessary documentation for the MHS through the HSDC to own for and in behalf of the Government of the Philippines the BLISS lands donated by the municipal governments.
For immediate compliance.

President of the Philippines

November 29, 1980