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[Commonwealth Act No. 63, (1936-10-21)](
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[ Commonwealth Act No. 63, October 21, 1936 ]


Be it enacted by the National Assembly of the Philippines:

SECTION 1. How citizenship may be lost.—A Filipino citizen may lose his citizenship in any of the following ways and/or events:
  1. By naturalization in a foreign country;
  2. By express renunciation of citizenship;
  3. By subscribing to an oath of allegiance to support the constitution or laws of a foreign country upon attaining twenty-one years of age or more;
  4. By accepting commission in the military, naval or air service of a foreign country;
  5. By cancellation of the certificate of naturalization;
  6. By having been declared, by competent authority, a deserter of the Philippine army, navy or air corps in time of war, unless subsequently a plenary pardon or amnesty has been granted; and
  7. In the case of a woman, upon her marriage to a foreigner if, by virtue of the law in force in her husband's country, she acquires his nationality.
SEC. 2. How citizenship may be reacquired.—Citizenship may be reacquired:
  1. By naturalization: Provided, That the applicant possess none of the disqualifications prescribed in section two of Act Numbered Twenty-nine hundred and twenty-seven;
  2. By repatriation of deserters of the Army, Navy or Air Corp: Provided, That a woman who lost her citizenship by reason of her marriage to an alien may be repatriated in accordance with the provisions of this Act after the termination of the marital status; and
  3. By direct act of the National Assembly.
SEC. 3. Procedure incident to reacquisition of Philippine citizenship.—The procedure prescribed for naturalization under Act Numbered Twenty-nine hundred and twenty-seven, as amended, shall apply to the reacquisition of Philippine citizenship by naturalization provided for in the next preceding section: Provided, That the qualifications and special qualifications prescribed in sections three and four of said Act shall not be required: And provided, further,
  1. That the applicant be at least twenty-one years of age and shall have resided in the Philippines at least six months before he applies for naturalization;
  2. That he shall have conducted himself in a proper and irreproachable manner during the entire period of his residence in the Philippines, in his relations with the constituted government as well as with the community in which he is living; and
  3. That he subscribes to an oath declaring his intention to renounce absolutely and perpetually all faith and allegiance to the foreign authority, state or sovereignty of which he was a citizen or subject.
SEC. 4. Repatriation shall be effected by merely taking the necessary oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of the Philippines and registration in the proper civil registry.

SEC. 5. The Secretary of Justice shall issue the necessary regulations for the proper enforcement of this Act. Naturalization blanks and other blanks required for carrying out the provisions of this Act shall be prepared and furnished by the Solicitor General, subject to the approval of the Secretary of Justice.

SEC. 6. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, October 21, 1936.