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[REPUBLIC ACT NO. 6519, (1972-07-22)](
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[ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 6519, July 22, 1972 ]


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, the City of Manila is hereby divided into four highway engineering districts, each highway engineering district to comprise one representative district.  Each highway engineering district shall have one highway district engineer and the necessary personnel who shall be appointed in accordance with existing laws.

SEC. 2. Each highway district engineer shall have supervision on the construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of purely national roads, bridges and other public works in his respective district using national funds accruing thereto under existing laws, except money accruing to the City of Manila for the maintenance and improvement of national aid city streets as authorized under Republic Act Numbered Nine hundred seventeen Republic Act Numbered Fifty-one hundred eighty-five: Provided, That the City of Manila shall retain administration of the self-operating units (Heavy Equipment and Shop Division, Asphalt and Concrete Plant Division and Materials Testing Laboratory) : Provided, further, That the city mayor may authorize the highway district engineer concerned to implement projects fully or partly from city funds.

SEC. 3. This Act shall take effect upon its approval. 

Enacted without the Executive approval, June 22, 1972.