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[REPUBLIC ACT NO. 3420, (1961-06-18)](
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[ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 3420, June 18, 1961 ]


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. The barrios of Centrallah, Sinolon, New Dumangas, Veterans, Lake Sebu, Lambongtong, Soluton, Lamian, Lamla-at and Lahit, including the sitios of Ladiana (West Base Camp), Colongolo, Tubi-Ala, Bayabas, Head Sapali, Tabodtod, Nawan, Lacag, Kolon Bong, Laconon, Salacape, Bogad, North Seguil, Tabanlid, Lambod, Bacnob, Lamcade, San Jose, Dalag, Talihik, Bac-alo, Datu Ligal, Datu Ba-oy, Lamlosok, Bacdolong, Tabawao, Tanon, Camoning, Head Ala, Lambilan, Maculan, Lamsogod, Buenavista, canajay, Lamloko, San Francsico, Little Baguio, Lamtosong, Tamsolon, Tacamsad, Lamhinik, Tucubo, Sla-Abon, Datal Kling, Head Sipaca, Lawa, South Kiantay, Siop, Moto Bantong, Moloy, Crossing Cabayo, Ila-elis, Datu Glam, Datu Godwino, Datu Ouel and Sala Banog, of Banga, Cotabato, are separated from said municipality, and are constituted into a distinct and independent municipality to be known as the Municipality of Surallah, Province of Cotabato, with the seat of government at the present site of the Barrio of Centrallah, and the boundary of this new municipality shall be more particularly defined as follows:

From point Highway, road going to Compound Landing; thence to cemetery; thence follow farm road up to James Weaver's lot and farm Weaver's lot to boundary of Barrio 12 and Barrio 10; thence to Sapali River; going upward; thence from Highway to crossing Cabayo; thence going straight to the Crusher and Allah River, following the course of the river to the boundary of Isulan Municipality, as clearly indicated in the plan of the province.

SEC 2. This Act shall take effect upon the election of the new municipal officials in the general elections for local officials in November of nineteen hundred and sixty-three.

Enacted, without Executive approval, June 18, 1961.