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[REPUBLIC ACT NO. 6369, (1971-08-16)](
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[ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 6369, August 16, 1971 ]


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. There is hereby created the Municipality of Damulog, in the Province of Bukidnon consisting of the following barrios: New Damulog, Old Damulog, Sampagar, Talicop, Kitingting, Tangkulan, Macapari, Pocopoco, Mig-canit, Migcawayan, Batobato, Kinibaba, Lamalama, and Omonay, same province, which are hereby segregated and constituted into a separate and independent municipality to be named Damulog, with the seat of the government at Barrio New Damulog.

The Municipality of Damulog shall be bounded as follows:

From point marked 1 on plan of the Municipality of Damulog, Bukidnon, at the East bank of Mulita River longitude 124º 54' 28" E. latitude 7º 32' 00" N.; thence due East straight line longitude 124º 55' 55" E. West bank of Paracupac creek point 2; thence due East to opposite bank of said Paracupac creek distance 60 meters point 3; thence following with same latitude to longitude 124º 51' 56" E. West side of Sayre Highway distance 1,955 meters more or less point 4; thence due East to opposite of said Sayre Hihghway distance 60 meters point 5; thence S. 72º 00' 00" E. distance 2,500 meters more or less at longitude 124º 58' 17" E. latitude 7º 31' 36" N. peak of certain Hill point 6; thence S. 56º 00' 00" E. longitude 124º 59' 44" E. latitude 7º 30' 35" N. topmost of certain hill distance 3,250 meters more or less point 7; thence S. 55 00' 00" E. to longitude 125º 00' 57" E. latitude 7º   29' 28" N. Kugan creek-Pulangi river junction point 8; thence following through lowerstream of said Pulangi river to latitude 7º 28' 15" N. longitude 125º 02' 00" E. East bank of Pulangui river point 9; thence moving due East straight line to longitude 125º 06' 13" E. Latitude 7º 28' 15" N. distance 7,700 meters more or less West bank of Kulaman-Puti river point 10; thence following through downstream of said Kulaman river to latitude 7º 22' 23" N. longitude 125º 13' 30" E. junction Matigol-Kulaman rivers point 11; thence following through downstream of said Kulaman river to Pulangi-Kulaman rivers junction point 12, thence it follows through down-stream of said Pulangi river in northwesterly direction to its North bank at longitude 125º 00' 30" E. latitude 7º 23' 55" N. point 13; thence N. 43º 30' 00" W. distance 1,250 meters more or less longitude 125º 00' 00" E. latitude 7º 24' 24" N. headwaters Turonan river point 14; thence following through downstream of said Turonan river to Mulita-Turonan rivers junction longitude 124º 52' 50" E. latitude 7º 25' 10" N. point 15; thence the said boundary line follows through upperstream of said Mulita river to the point of beginning.

SEC. 2. The new municipality shall acquire corporate existence upon the election and qualification of the first mayor, vice-mayor and councilors who shall be elected in the next general election for local officials.

SEC. 3. The seat of the government as provided for in Section one of this Act shall be changed from New Damulog to Damulog.

SEC. 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, August 16, 1971.