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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 401, (1976-05-13)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 401, May 13, 1976 ]

All Heads of Departments, Bureaus, Local Governments, Agencies and Instrumentalities of the Government

Recognizing that:

It is the commitment of the government to establish, maintain and ensure adequate social services in the field of housing, to guarantee the enjoyment by the people of a decent standard of living;

The National Housing Authority is the sole agency tasked with effective implementation of a comprehensive and integrated housing program as provided for by PD 757;

The Tondo Foreshore Development Authority and its legal successor, the National Housing Authority have prepared a comprehensive and integrated plan to improve the quality of life of the people of the Tondo Foreshore in line with the development plan of the Metro Manila Government;

The development plan when fully implemented shall provide the Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan with the necessary sites and services—roads and pathways, storm drainage system; barangay centers, schools, hospitals, other community facilities and programs for the socio-economic development of the people, which shall enhance the well-being of the other communities of Metro Manila as well thereby enabling a greater number of Filipinos to enjoy the fruits of its development;

The Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan Urban Development Project is being financed with the assistance of the World Bank.

The magnitude of the development project requires the involvement and participation of different departments, bureaus, agencies and other instrumentalities of the government to insure that the components of the project are properly and adequately financed, administered, operated and maintained.

It is hereby ordered that the following agencies work together in the implementation of the Manila Urban Development Project as indicated:
  1. Tondo Upgrading and Dagat-Dagatan Component

    The National Housing Authority shall provide and facilitate the upgrading, renovation, expansion and construction of sites and services. It shall install and construct water and sewer lines inside the Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan areas and shall determine the alignments of major roads and bridges therein. Together with the cooperating agencies, the Authority shall jointly implement the socio-economic programs by sharing in the cost incurred for staffing, training and provision of supplies and materials. Likewise, it shall be responsible for building the extension of the community skills training center.
    The Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications (DPWTC) thru its Bureau of Public Works, shall, when requested by the NHA, undertake the construction of all buildings such as schools, health centers, playgrounds, etc. on land provided for but not otherwise funded under the program of the NHA. It shall likewise construct and maintain the required waterways (esteros) in Dagat-Dagatan in accordance with the design agreed upon with the Authority. It shall also pursue the transportation and land use development study and financing and delivery of the public services for Metropolitan Manila and carry out the transportation planning, coordination and operational studies, the National Transport System studies, the revision of the 4-year transportation investment program. The DPWTC shall program as part of its budget adequate funds for this purpose.
    The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) shall construct the sewerage outfalls required by the project and shall likewise be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sewerage and water system including the stabilization pond, and for this purpose, adequate funds shall be programmed from its budget.
    The Department of Education and Culture (DEC) shall operate and maintain school facilities and provide technical assistance staff and logistic support in the joint implementation of the education and cultural advancement program of the project. The DEC shall program as part of its budget adequate funds for this purpose.
    The Department of Health (DOH) shall shoulder the cost of the equipment for the X-ray laboratory unit, the two 25-bed capacity clinics and the ambulance service; and it shall provide technical assistance, staff, supplies, such as equipment and medicine and logistic support to operate and maintain the health centers/climes in Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan and to the implementation of programs for health, nutrition and family planning. The DOH shall program as part of its budget adequate funds for this purpose.
    The Department of Local Government and Community Development (DLGCD) shall provide technical assistance and logistic support for the implementation of the Community Organization and Development Program and of the Community Training
    Program particularly in the organization and development of cooperatives, leadeship and citizenship training program and other matters pertaining to barangay affairs. The DLGCD shall program in its budget adequate funds for this purpose.
    The Department of Labot (DOL) (particular the National Manpower and Youth Council) shall, together with the Development of Social Welfare (DSW) and the National Housing Authority, implement the Manpower Skills Training and Job Placement Program for Tondo Foreshore and Dagat—Dagatan, and shall include in its (DOL) budget adequate funds for this purpose.
    The Department of Social Welfare (DSW) shall provide equipment for the community skills training centers, operate and maintain the integrated social and welfare units in Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan; and implement social and welfare services such as income-generating activities, manpower development program, social referral cases, day-care center program, together with other agencies concerned. It shall assist the Project Tulungan in the latter's activities as well as the Philippine National Red Cross in the actual movement of households from Tondo Foreshore to Dagat-Dagatan in terms of conducting training program and giving direct services. It shall program in its budget adequate funds for the above service and programs.
    The Department cf Industry (DOI) (particularly the MASICAP Team), Department of Trade (DOT) Technical Assistance Center and the University of the Philippines Institute of Small Scale Industries (UPISSI) shall jointly promote and implement the small industries development program which shall include among others the following services: identification of viable industries; organization; management and marketing assistance and consultancy in program implementation and evaluation. They shall program in their respective budget adequate funds for the above purposes.
    The Project Tulungan (Malacañang) shall shoulder the cost for upgrading of the Tulungan Centers as well as the cost for the provision of equipment for the rehydration clinics and staff, maintain and operate the health centers/clinics, X-ray laboratory and sputum microscopy in coordination with the Metro Manila Government, Department of Health and the National Housing Authority. It shall include in its budget adequate funds for the above purposes.
    The National Nutrition Council shall provide food supplies and other nutrient supplements and shall jointly implement the integrated and comprehensive nutrition program specifically the food assistance program, and the nutrition education, together with other agencies concerned. It shall include in its budget adequate funds for the above services and program.
    The Commission on Population shall provide contraceptive supplies for family planning services and together with the Department of Public Information shall provide as well Information and Education Campaign (IEC) materials to the different centers in Tondo Foreshore; and shall provide technical assistance in program planning, implementation and evaluation. It shall include in its budget adequate funds for the above services and program.
    The Bureau of Agricultural Extension, Bureau of Plant Industry, and the Bureau of Animal Industry shall provide technical support and shall coordinate with other agencies concerned to implement the Nutrition Program and other income-generating projects for Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan. They shall include in their respective budgets adequate funds for the above services and programs.
    The Philippine National Volunteers Service Coordination Office, shall together with the Department of Health and the Department of Education, implement the volunteer service training program particularly the Barangay Volunteer Medics, Volunteer Nurses, Teachers and other related training programs. It shall include in its budget adequate funds for the above program.
    The Philippine Port Authority shall assist in the implementation of the relocation program for the International Port residents and shall include in its budget adequate funds for the above purpose.

  2. Major Roads

    The Department of Public Highways shall construct, operate and maintain the national roads, highways, and bridges in the Tondo Foreshore and Dagat-Dagatan, including the spine road in Dagat-Dagatan, and other highway projects required in the program and shall include in its budget adequate funds for this purpose.

  3. Traffic Improvement

    The Department of Public Highways, with the cooperation of the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications and other agencies concerned shall construct junction and bus shelters; shall provide signals, signal linking equipment and mobile radios to improve the use of existing infrastructures.

  4. Small Business Loans

    The Development Bank of the Philippines shall provide complete banking services including the sharing of credit risk, shall administer the funds of the small business loan program of the project, shall assist the National Housing Authority in the implementation of the latter's housing materials loan program and shall likewise undertake project evaluation upon request of the National Housing Authority.

  5. Other Programs

    Completed public building and utilities shall be turned over for the purpose of maintenance and operation to the Government of Metropolitan Manila under whose jurisdiction the site will fall, and the cost of such operation and maintenance shall be included in the normal budget of the municipality/city or agency.
    After the development period of the project lasting for a period of five (5) years, the National Housing Authority shall turnover the administration of the socio-economic development programs to concerned agencies to ensure its sustained implementation. The full costs of operating and maintaining such socio-economic programs will therefrom be assumed by concerned agencies.
    The Commissioner of the Budget shall ensure that the budgetary requirements of each department/agency for the above project components including the peso counterpart of any technical assistance to be agreed upon with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development shall be included in their respective budgets annually or in any budgetary account item the Commissioner of the Budget may find proper.
    The Department of Finance shall administer the foreign loan obtained from the IBRD by the National Government.
    The Secretary of the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications shall form a coordinating unit which shall monitor, supervise and handle all communications to and from the IBRD including other transactions necessary to comply with the foreign commitment of the National Government in this project.
Done in the City of Manila, this 13th day of May in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-six.

President of the Philippines