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[Acts No. 4022, (1932-12-08)](
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[ Acts No. 4022, December 08, 1932 ]


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Legislature assembled and by the authority of the same:

SECTION 1. In the Provinces of Zamboanga, Davao, Agusan, and Nueva Vizcaya, the provincial board shall be composed of the provincial governor, who shall be the presiding officer of the board, and of two other members, to be elected by the qualified electors of the province.

SEC. 2. The new member of the board to replace the provincial treasurer shall be elected in the general elections of nineteen hundred and thirty-four and shall assume office together with the new officers, on October sixteenth of said year.

SEC. 3. The elective members of the provincial board shall receive a compensation to be fixed by resolution of the provincial board, of not less than five pesos nor more than fifteen pesos for each day of actual attendance at the sessions of the board or of performance of other duties assigned to either of them or both by the provincial board; out said members shall not be paid more than one compensation for any one day.

If not a resident of the provincial capital, an elective member of the provincial board shall be entitled to the reimbursement of his actual and necessary traveling expenses from his place of residence to the place where the Provincial board holds its sessions when going to the said sessions and returning from the same.

SEC. 4. Upon the occasion of the absence, illness, suspension or other disability of the governor of a province in which this Act is operative, the Governor-General may designate any other provincial officer or employee to perform his official duties or he may temporarily appoint thereto some suitable person not in the service.

Until the Governor-General shall act, the duties of the provincial governor, in the case contemplated, shall be discharged by one of the elective members of the provincial board, who shall have been previously authorized or deputed by the provincial governor. When a member of the provincial board is thus deputed, the authority may be limited to the performance, during the absence of the governor from the provincial capital, of such of his duties as can only be conveniently performed at the capital or it may be limited to the performance of specific acts or classes of acts. Every such delegation of authority shall be in writing and shall be spread upon the minutes of the provincial board.

SEC. 5. All acts or parts of acts in conflict with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed.

SEC. 6. This Act shall take effect on its approval.

Approved, December 8, 1932.