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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 436, (1976-07-20)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 436, July 20, 1976 ]

All Provincial Governors
All City Mayors
All Municipal Mayors
All Barangay Heads/Captains

Pursuant to General Order No. 1 and in order to facilitate the sustained intensive nationwide implementation of the Population and Family Planning Program coordinated by the Commission on Population (POPCOM), Office of the President, you are hereby directed to:

integrate population and family planning in your overall socio-economic development plans;
instruct your action officers on development to allocate and obligate funds for your respective socio-economic development programs and
require your action officer on socio-economic development to coordinate with the POPCOM in the preparation, planning, implementation and monitoring of all population and family planning related activities in your respective jurisdictions including the submission of appropriate POP-COM-prescribed reports to the Commission on Population through its regional and other field offices.

President of the Philippines