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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 589, (1977-08-27)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 589, August 27, 1977 ]

TO: All Heads of Department and Agencies
The National Secretariat, Paglilingkod: Bagong
  All Members, Career Executive Service Officers Guild
    and Bureau Directors Association

WHEREAS, information dissemination is one of the thrusts of the rural extension service program under Letter of Instructions No. 559 called PAGLILINGKOD: BAGONG LIPUNAN to carry on and bring to the grassroots level the message of change of the New Society and the development program being undertaken to institute such change;

WHEREAS, the members of the Career Executive Service Officers Guild, the graduates of the Career Executive Service Development Program who are awaiting appointment as career executive service officers and the members of the Bureau Directors Association are knowledgeable of the scope and magnitude of the various programs and projects of the government designed to uplift the rural folk; are purveyors of the values and orientation of the New Society; and are in the best position to communicate these information;

WHEREAS, the public school teachers in the rural areas in their role as moulders of the mind of the young and sources of information and guidance of the rural folks would be the best link through which the information campaign on the aims, goals and program thrusts, of the New Society may be made;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby direct and order the following:
  1. There shall be constituted Mobile Information Teams under the sponsorship of the Career Executive Service Officers Guild and the Bureau Directors Association for the program of rural extension service known as Paglilingkod:  Bagong Lipunan instituted under Letter   of Instructions No. 559, which shall conduct seminars on the aims, goals and program thrusts of the New Society in all public school districts all over the country for teachers, government officials and   interested citizens.
  2. The Career Executive Service Officers Guild shall be responsible for organizing the said Mobile Information Tennis and a Secretariat therefore which shall coordinate with the Office of the President, the Civil Service Commission and the National Secretariat of the Paglilingkod: Bagong Lipunan on the scheduling of the said seminars.
  3. The National Economic and Development Authority shall provide office space, supplies, materials, equipment, furniture and funds to the CESO Guild Secretariat to service the Mobile Information Teams;
  4. The attached initial assignment and schedule of seminars and list of anchor team members shall be followed: Provided, That the members of the teams may arrange with each other to swap places and/or dates of assignments with the concurrence of the CESO Guild Secretariat: Provided, further, that CESO Guild members from the regions may also be assigned to the Mobile Information Teams, as the need therefore arises.
  5. The CESO Guild may also augment team memberships by co-opting therein outstanding graduates of the Junior Executive Training Program   (JET) and the program for Supervisory Training for Effective Administrative Management (STREAM) and other employees including those in the Directory of Resource Persons of the Civil Service Commission,   who are persuasive speakers and committed to the ideology of the New Society and who will volunteer to join the said Mobile Information Teams, or are recommended by the team leaders to the CESO Guild Secretariat.
  6. Services rendered to the Mobile Information Teams for a period of a least fifteen calendar days within a given calendar year shall be on official time and considered as in compliance with the rural service requirement under Letter of Instructions No. 559 : Provided, That, members of the said Teams who shall be asked to render more than fifteen calendar days of service to the said teams shall be given advance credit for rural service work for succeeding years at the same rate of fifteen calendar days rural service for every Calendar year: Provided, further, That the first assignment to a Mobile Information Team shall be for fifteen consecutive calendar days and succeeding assignments may be staggered.
  7. The CESO Guild shall give notice to the department head or chief of office concerned of the assignment of any official to a Mobile Information Team and such notice shall ba sufficient to authorize the trip on official time.
  8. The CESO Guild shall prepare, in coordination with the Civil Service Commission, the syllabus, briefing cut-lines, and reading materials which may be needed by the Mobile Information Teams;  shall work out further details for the effective conduct of the seminars to be undertaken by the Mobile Information Teams; and shall report, to the National Secretariat of the Paglilingkod: Bagong Lipunan the services rendered by the team members for purposes of crediting them with the required rural service work.
  9. The Department of Education and Culture, through the regional offices and division superintendent of schools, shall prepare the schedule of school districts to be visited by the Mobile Information Teams; give appropriate instruction to the teachers to attend the seminars to be conducted by the said teams; and provide all the necessary assistance and support to the said teams.
  10. This Letter of Instructions shall take effect immediately.
Done in the City of Manila, this 27th day of August, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-seven.

 President of the Philippines