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[BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 322, (1982-11-18)](
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[ BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 322, November 18, 1982 ]


Be it enacted by the Batasang Pambansa in session assembled:

SECTION 1. Sitios Salman, Masalay, Bual, Talpok, and Kabulnan are separated from Barangay Decalongan in the Municipality of Ampatuan, Province of Maguindanao, and constituted into a new barangay to be known as Barangay Salman.

SEC. 2. The new barangay shall be bounded and described as follows:

"Bounded on the north by the municipalities of Dinaig and Maganoy; on the east, by Lots 383, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 389 and 390 all Pls-544-D; on the south by Kauran Creek, barangays Saniac and Tubak; on the west by the municipalities of Lebak and South Upi.

"Beginning at southwestern foot of Decalongan Bridge, going towards the northwestern corner of Lot 382, intersecting the Kabulnan River; thence going on a southwestern direction to the northeastern corner of Lot 315, Pls-544-D; thence going southwest direction to the northwestern corner of Lot 316, Pls-544-D; thence an imaginary line following the course of the Kauran Creek; thence S 61 deg. 00'W, 13,500 meters until it intersects the Kabulnan River; thence running due west, 8,400 meters; thence going towards due north, 11,200 meters until it reaches the boundary of the municipalities of Lebak and South Upi; thence running due east, until it intersects the southwestern foot of Decalongan Bridge, point of beginning.

"Containing an area of twenty thousand three hundred nineteen (20,319) hectares more or less."

SEC. 3. After ratification by the majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite to be conducted in the areas affected within ninety days from the approval of this Act, the President of the Philippines shall appoint the first officials of the new barangay who shall hold office until their successors shall have been duly elected and qualified.

SEC. 4. The Commission on Elections shall conduct and supervise the holding of the plebiscite, the expenses of which shall be charged to local funds.

SEC. 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, November 18, 1982.