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[REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11487, (2020-08-14)](
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[ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11487, August 14, 2020 ]


Be if enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines m Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. The Albay Diversion Road, Minalabac-Bula- Nabua section (Sto. Nino - Palsong - Topas Road) in the municipalities of Minalabac, Bula, and Nabua, all in the Province of Camarines Sur, consisting of seventeen kilometers and five hundred twenty-six meters (17.526 km.), snore or less, is hereby converted into a national road.

SEC. 2. The Secretary of Public Works and Highways shall include in the Department's program the improvement, repair, and maintenance of said road, the funding of which shall be included in the annual General Appropriations Act.

SEC. 3. The technical description of the road is as follows:

119.848mS65 18'38"E
222.976mS48 41'18"E
320.584mS34 35'22"E
417.109mS37 17'57"E
510.248mS47 59'41"E
612.230mS79 34'19"E
77.888mN74 10'15"E
816.751mN55 33'27"E
933.272mN47 03'07"E
10111.485mN42 50'45"E
1143.583mN40 14'04"E
1219.430mN56 13'31"E
1323.392mN65 36'09"E
1473.495mN73 46'56"E
1517.220mN65 38'24"E
1611.345mN57 17'45"E
1715.432mN40 55'05"E
1847.753mN30 01'27"E
19103.222mN30 19'28"E
2010.666mN38 01'28"E
2138.447mN45 49'36"E
2231.787mN42 18'29"E
2323.070mN44 37'45"E
2447.512mN39 53'45"E
2512.501mN33 12'48"E
2653.296mN26 03'34"E
2736.435mN34 59'27"E
2837.727mN47 02'05"E
2919.425mN64 30'06"E
3020.170mN75 54'57"E
3130.294mS87 44'20"E
3244.028mS71 53'45"E
3366.741mS66 41'20"E
3433.931mS61 49'14"E
3515.046mS56 41'46"E
3640.345mS55 17'46"E
3728.461mS72 54'19"E
3856.786mS76 16'58"E
3941.202mS67 12'34"E
4063.790mS54 39'42"E
41178.324mS48 47'58"E
4234.918mS66 41'24"E
4353.245mS81 54'27"E
4433.531mS72 03'07"E
45136.465mS64 24'59"E
4683.152mS81 12'52"E
47170.826mS76 58'12"E
4816.156mN90 00'00"E
4923.760mN71 53'07"E
50101.956mN57 17'18"E
5125.265mN66 37'19"E
5221.388mN72 19'37"E
5320.741mS87 45'44"E
5421.670mS51 42'23"E
55118.983mS35 26'38"E
5675.964mS43 19'33"E
5768.620mS24 27'22"E
5826.155mS38 22'42"E
59186.185mS50 45'45"E


S82 10'27"E


N.75 28'57"E
6242.162mN51 20'38"E
6331.151mN45 01'24"E
6430.732mN53 14'55"E
6511.902mN66 33'26"E
6614.156mN86 42'04"E
6721.470mS65 13'31"E
68105.379mS56 26'43"E
6946.049mS45 49'38"E
70121.777mS33 12'29"E
7199.774mS22 45'37"E
72260.073mS28 22'50"E
7378.492mS13 17'43"E
7416.519mS27 35'28"E
7559.767mS36 02'26"E
7645.611mS42 56'07"E
7760.174mS49 09'14"E
7899.632mS42 12'08"E
79105.960mS48 09'02"E
8029.191mS38 14'01"E
8179.164mS6 47'03"E
8277.005mS24 18'23"E
8357.867mS9 30'31"E
8423.513mS52 46' 42"E
8543.602mS88 37'48"E
8625.120mS78 31'16"E
8721.268mS55 08'33"E
8820.191mS34 36'26"E
8979.141mS25 07'47"E
9048.898mS34 24'06"E
9114.166mS46 50'38"E
9249.558mS58 32'03"E
9361.515mS48 55'11"E
9428.466mS39 46'54"E
9517.078mS28 43'39"E
9619.102mS18 14'46"E
9778.462mS11 34'56"E
9850.747mS16 20'16"E
9939.672mS22 16'35"E
10022.098mS44 40'20"E
10110.786mS68 24'12"E
10218.434mS88 22'27"E
10312.648mN78 36'28"E
10443.025mN67 50'29"E
105211.953mN63 20'06"E
10683.571mN63 59'45"E
10753.069mN51 38'54"E
108100.841mN37 43'28"E
10955.426mN24 15'23"E
11016.040mN36 14'14"E
11114.599mN58 43'26"E
11215.622mN90 00'00"E
11358.174mS62 12'22E
11485.510mS69 16'34"E
11589.031mS75 15'35"E
116160.574mS67 56'34"E
11718.346mS40 15'48"E
11811.439mS5 14'48"E
11919.797mS14 51'46"W
12031.356mS21 29'58"W
12136.315mS29 16'49"W
12216.427mS36 01'25"W
1232.847mS22 45'12"W
1246.963mS13 15'09"E
1258.969mS34 28'59"E
12622.699mS49 55'31"E
12725.413mS35 49'55"E
12831.465mS25 00'33"E
12925.166mS16 18'07"E
13061.761mS9 37'26"E
13112.149mS3 14'48"E
13221.039mS19 18'33"W
13332.316mS32 18'54"W
13423.761mS13 35'46"W
13515.830mS6 18'01"W
13641.193mS0 52'24"W
13715.045mS8 34'33"W
13813.671mS18 52'38"W
13946.381mS34 50'31"W
14013.411mS17 08'57"W
14148.161mS4 13'01"W
14220.879mS13 05'41"W
14364.359mS23 06'42"W
1449.952mS7 17'40"W
1457.387mS13 52'25"E
1469.511mS41 49'57"E
1478.978mS69 21'20"E
14828.313mS88 44'19"E
14946.777mN75 01'44"E
15077.563mN68 24'58"E
15152.295mN.63 46'10"E
152130.939mN67 31'51"E
15348.740mN65 41'14"E
15462.813mN58 12'52"E
15524.901mN69 07'06"E
15629.909mS89 39'00"E
157253.654mS79 26'01"E
15853.219mS75 47'08"E
15932.556mS85 01'50"E
16025.351mN87 28'31"E
161310.673mN83 18'05"E
16295.278mS83 48'43"E
16324.810mS78 32'03"E
16428.831mS63 58'45"E
16527.219mS54 43'47"E
166105.738mS45 39'15"E
16757.364mS40 17'06"E
1687.427mS51 39'15"E
169144.803mS63 18'13"E
17018.781mS51 06'20"E
17115.086mS44 12'29"E
17235.675mS35 56'31"E
173188.587mS29 36'17"E
174266.030mS41 59'36"E
175468.917mS30 00'08"E
17615.130mS2 20'10"W
17797.237mS29 53'25"E
17824.881mS22 06'35"E
17975.390mS16 23'57"E
18022.231mS23 30'09"E
181212.628mS45 04'55"E
182256.467mS37 52'14"E
183258.171mS40 48'06"E
18471.426mS48 10'40"E
185109.497mS54 10'15"E
186107.959mS54 55'06"E
187380.181mS42 31'18"E
188304.680mS47 15'05"E
189256.504mS42 25'54"E
190180.848mS52 12'19"E
191146.557mS59 43'18"E
192170.950mS49 48'00"E
193277.633mS45 50'57"E
194160.905mS53 37'18"E
1951677.469mS56 16'21"E
19642.788mS64 01'24"E
197221.760mS68 32'52"E
19845.842mS59 57'19"E
199181.661mS55 06'22"E
20041.561mS45 31'08"E
201110.034mS38 45'51"E
202238.373mS50 43'50"E
203373.973mS57 16'17"E
204240.055mS58 06'25"E
205251.844mS56 08'55"E
20624.507mS46 41'35"E
207142.552mS38 53'18"E
20875.691mS11 33'24"E
20916.941mS27 07'04"E
21041.464mS39 59'54"E
21154.147mS44 15'01"E
212115.242mS27 36'04"E
21320.658mS13 43'58"E
21461.473mS1 19'44"E
21512.522mS26 43'05"E
216675.070mS44 16'32"E
217180.980mS56 44'50"E
218173.960mS42 05'09"E
21962.829mS2 10'52"E
22014.465mS9 25'43"E
221384.362mS37 19'06"E
22215.000mS53 40'38"W
223202.773mN36 19'22"W
224184.981mN38 25'59"W
22519.295mN9 25'43"W
22658.334mN2 10'52"W
227166.584mN42 05'09"W
228180.982mN56 44'50"W
229128.831mN42 04'03"W
230549.960mN44 47'18"W
231 18.286mN26 43'05"W
23263.222mN1 19'44"W
23317.204mN13 43'58"W
234111.222mN27 36'04"W
23552.509mN44 15'01"W
23643.714mN39 59'54"W
23720.684mN27 07'04"W
23874.468mN11 33'24"W
23919.411mN36 10'26"W
240118.066mN39 24'50"W
24122.312mN46 41'35"W
242250.347mN56 08'55"W
243239.908mN58 06'25"W
244374.940mN57 16'17"W
245240.802mN50 43'50"W
246110.721mN38 45'51"W
24739.418mN45 31'08"W
248179.786mN55 06'22"W
24944.079mN59 57'19"W
250243.365mN68 08'08"W
25122.201mN64 01'24"W
2521678.791mN56 16'21"W
253162.101mN53 37'18"W
254278.403mN45 51'21"W
255169.065mN49 48'00"W
256146.077mN59 43'18"W
257183.442mN52 12'11"W
258257.043mN42 25'54"W
259159.716mN46 50'10"W
260144.919mN47 42'46"W
261379.105mN42 31'08"W
262216.860mN54 32'16"W
26373.099mN48 10'40"W
264259.745mN40 48'12"W
265191.501mN37 04'34"W
26663.856mN40 12'30"W
267215.054mN45 04'28"W
26825.982mN23 30'09"W
26975.573mN16 23'57"W
27023.113mN22 06'35"W
271100.550mN29 53'25"W
27215.142mN2 20'10"E
273314.546mN29 48'13"W
27481.244mN29 05'39"W
27566.973mN32 00'11"W
276266.284mN41 59'36"W
277189.484mN29 36'36"W
27833.722mN35 56'31"W
27929.210mN48 01'08"W
280101.521mN64 07'48"W
28143.616mN61 16'42"W
28210.182mN51 39'15"W
28358.153mN40 17'06"W
284103.844mN45 39'15"W
28524.816mN54 43'47"W
28625.702mN63 58'45"W
28722.203mN78 32'03"W
28892.901mN83 48'43"W
289309.457mS83 18'00"W
29026.941mS87 28'31"W
29134.751mN85 01'50"W
29253.908mN75 47'08"W
293251.917mN79 26'04"W
29425.721mN89 39'00"W
29520.658mS69 07'06"W
29662.361mS58 12'52"W
29749.960mS65 41'14"W
298130.688mS67 31'51"W
29952.411mS63 46'10"W
30079.038mS68 24'58"W
30149.782mS75 01'44"W
30233.014mN88 44'19"W
30315.213mN69 21'20"W
30416.919mN41 49'57"W
30513.924mN13 52'25"W
30614.839mN7 17'40"E
30765.128mN23 06'42"E
30818.400mN13 05'41"E
30948.696mN4 13'01"E
31017.445mN17 08'57"E
31146.612mN34 50'31"E
31222.807mN13 10'12"E
31340.894mN0 52'24"E
31417.497mN6 18'01"E
31527.190mN13 35'46"E
31633.079mN32 18'54"E
31716.338mN19 18'33"E
3188.322mN3 14'48"W
31960.051mN9 37'26"W
32023.149mN16 18'07"W
32128.902mN25 00'33"W
32222.137mN35 49'55"W
32322.879mN49 55'31"W
32413.814mN34 28'59"W
32514.649mN13 15'09"W
3269.467mN22 45'12"E
32717.288mN36 01'25"E
328 34.411mN29 16'49"E
32929.466mN21 29'58"E
33016.268mN14 51'46"E
3315.269mN5 14'48"W
3328.361mN42 59'40"W
333156.543mN67 56'38"W
33488.874mN75 15'35"W
33584.220mN69 16'34"W
33655.363mN62 12'22"W
3377.712mN90 00'00"W
3387.418mS58 43'26"W
33911.484mS36 14'14"W
34055.305mS24 15'23"W
34165.641mS35 19'25"W
34239.399mS41 45'58"W
34356.762mS51 40'02"W
34484.707mS63 59'45"W
345212.457mS63 20'06"W
34645.028mS67 50'29"W
34715.772mS78 36'28"W
34822.787mN88 22'27"W
34915.904mN68 24'12"W
35016.126mN49 39'04"W
35113.605mN38 35'50"W
352 42.601mN22 16'35"W
35352.148mN16 20'16"W
35478.212mN11 34'56"W
35516.853mN18 14'46"W
35614.251mN28 43'39"W
35725.816mN39 46'54"W
35859.055mN48 55'11"W
35924.916mN58 32'03"W
36024.916mN58 32'03"W
36117.337mN46 50'38"W
36251.750mN34 24'06"W
36395.160mN26 44'21"W
36415.447mN55 08'33"W
36520.509mN78 31'16"W
36632.905mN90 00'00"W
36713.878mN84 01'30"W
36819.248mN60 48'54"W
36917.012mN41 55'47"W
37060.150mN9 30'31"W
37178.025mN24 11'37"W
37266.808mN5 27'33"W
3739.214mN13 13'05"W
37424.562mN38 14'01"W
375105.438mN48 09'02"W
37699.501mN42 12'08"W
37760.078mN49 09'14"W
37847.330mN42 56'07"W
37961.779mN36 02'26"W
38019.508mN27 35'28"W
38178.474mN13 17'43"W
382114.559mN27 43'50"W
383144.125mN28 54'33"W
38499.209mN22 45'37"W
385118.747mN33 12'29"W
38642.997mN45 49'38"W
387102.833mN56 26'43"W
38816.569mN65 13'31"W
3897.742mS86 42'04"W
3907.487mS66 33'26"W
39127.903mS53 14'55"W
39230.900mS45 01'24"W
39346.198mS51 20'38"W
39415.152mS75 28'57"W
39522.790mN82 10'27"W
396192.157mN50 45'39"W
39729.568mN38 22'42"W
39867.808m N24 25'01"W
39974.605mN43 19'33"W
400117.873mN35 26'38"W
40114.645mN51 42'23"W
40213.226mN87 45'44"W
40318.008mS72 19'37"W
40423.204mS66 37'19"W
405102.184mS57 18'37"W
40613.313mS66 31'16"W
40715.978mS76 26'30"W
40819.653mN90 00'00"W
409171.983mN76 58'12"W
41084.811mN81 12'52"W
411137.679mN64 24'59"W
41231.237mN72 03'07"W
41353.956mN81 54'27"W
41439.283mN66 41'24"W
415179.917mN48 47'58"W
41661.373mN54 39'42"W
41738.363mN67 12'34"W
41887.230mN75 07'28"W
41956.673mN55 38'48"W
420139.018mN67 05'28"W
42126.053mN87 44'20"W
42216.516mS75 54'57"W
42315.621mS64 30'06"W
42433.840mS47 02'05"W
42533.798mS34 59'27"W
42660.043mS26 53'28"W
42779.443mS40 41'09"W
42869.796mS44 13'02"W
4298.634mS38 01'28"W
430151.318mS30 13'37"W
43119.021mS40 55'05"W
43233.892mS62 03'22"W
43373.490mS73 46'56"W
43421.089mS65 36'09"W
43516.092mS56 13'31"W
43641.818mS40 14'04"W
437147.245mS43 50'35"W
43820.325mS55 33'27"W
43913.845mS74 10'15"W
44019.970mN79 34'19"W
44115.930mN47 59'41"W
44237.941mN35 56'12"W
44318.930mN48 41'18"W
44417.657mN65 18'38"W
44515.000mN24 41'22"E

SEC. 4. This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the Official Gazette or in. a newspaper of general circulation.


      President of the Senate
        Speaker of the House
of Representatives

This Act which originated in the House of Representatives was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Philippines on January 27, 2020 and June 1, 2020, respectively.

        Secretary of the Senate
        Secretary General
House of Representatives

Approved: AUG 14 2020

  President of the Philippines