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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTION NO. 1137, (1981-05-28)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTION NO. 1137, May 28, 1981 ]

TO :
All Heads of Offices and Agencies
All Governors, City mayors and Barangay Captains
All Government Officials and Employees

Section 4, Article V of the Philippine Constitution provides that "It shall be the obligation of every citizen qualified to vote to register and cast his vote.," Section 181 of the Election Code of 1978 (PD No. 1296) provides penalties for failure to register or vote as follows:
"Any person found guilty of the offense of failure to register or failure to vote shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than one month but not more than six months.  In addition, he shall suffer disqualification to hold public office and deprivation ox the right of suffrage for a period of six years.  The sentence shall be served in the manner prescribed under Presidential Decree No. 1053."
Presidential Decree No. 1053 provides that any person convicted for failure to cast his vote without justifiable cause shall, at the discretion of the municipal judge or city judge, as the case may be, serve the sentence imposed upon him either in the approptiate jail or in the following manner:
"(a) He may be confined to his residence or any habitation for the duration of the sentence;"

"(b) In addition to (a), he may be made to participate in construction, gardening, maintenance or agricultural activities in projects national, provincial or municipal in scope for the duration of the sentence;"

"(c) He shall report once a day to the chief of police of the city or municipality of his residence, as the case may be, or his duly designated representative, at a definite time to be prescribed by said chief of police."

"Failure to report as required in paragraph (c) of the preceding section without justifiable cause shall constitute a new offense, the penalty for which shall not exceed that originally imposed upon him under section I hereof, the offender to be confined in the municipal or city jail, as the case may be, after his original sentence shall have been fully served."
In view of the significance of the coining Presidential Elections on June 16, 1931, and to counteract the boycott moves of some sectors of our society, I hereby direct that all officials and employees of the government be reminded of their obligation to register and cast their votes during the said Presidential elections.   I also direct that, they join and participate in the campaign for registration and massive turnout of voters during the election.

I call upon the officers and members of the Career Executive Service Development Program Alumni Association, to lead in this campaign.  All heads of offices, governors, city and municipal mayors and barangay captains shall extend the necessary support and assistance to insure the success of the campaign.

This letter of Instructions shall take effect immediately.

Manila, May 28, 1981.

President of the Philippines