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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1112, (1981-03-05)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 1112, March 05, 1981 ]

TO: The Presidential Adviser
Civil Service and Government Reorganization
  The Minister
Ministry of the Budget
  The Chairman
Civil Service Commission
  The Chairman
Commission on Audit

WHEREAS, it is the consensus or general belief that the government service is overstaffed;

WHEREAS, efforts have been made to reduce government personnel, especially during periods of crisis similar to the ones that the entire world is experiencing;

WHEREAS, these efforts to ascertain the true and correct manpower requirements of the government service must be pursued as a measure necessary to effect economy in budgetary measures;

WHEREAS, there is likewise a marked lack of urgently needed professional, technical and technological services in the government, while there is a growing oversupply in the general clerical services;

WHEREAS, this situation has to be corrected in order to gear the government service to a truly development-oriented force for development;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, do hereby order:

(1)  The Presidential adviser on Civil Service and Government Reorganization to pursue or undertake, jointly with the ministry of the Budget, the Civil Service Commission and the Commission on Audit, the objectives mentioned above - -

the taking of an inventory of personnel of each of the ministries, Government-owned and controlled corporations and agencies of the government shall be taken;
on the basis of those data, to determine the real or actual personnel requirement of each of the ministries, government-owned and controlled corporations and other agencies of the government (in snort prepare and recommend a manpower budget);
to determine the extent of the deficiencies in the professional, scientific, technical and technological service of the government, and recommend measures to be taken to correct the deficiencies;
to recommend measures designed to ensure a balance program of recruitment for professional, technical scientific and technological services; the Civil Service Commission prescribing, if necessary, new qualification standards and occupational groupings;
Special attention shall be given to the regional offices as it is my desire to further strengthen the decision-making and implementing machinery in the regional and other local offices.

The Presidential Adviser on Civil Service and Government Reorganization is authorized to call on the assistance of any officer or official or office of the government in accomplishing this task.

Malacañang, Manila, March 5, 1981.

President of the Philippines