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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 102, (1973-07-13)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 102, July 13, 1973 ]

TO :
The Secretary of Finance
The Commissioner of Customs

In order to facilitate the implementation of the program of reforms of the government, and in relation to the letter of the Secretary of National Defense dated June 18, 1973 recommending disciplinary action against certain officials and employees of the Davao Customs Office who are notoriously undesirable, you are hereby directed to take the following actions:

(1)    Dismiss immediately the following officials and employees:
  1. Customs Police Captain Roberto Belmonte
  2. Customs Inspector Ignacio Alino
  3. Customs Inspector Pablo Juinio
  4. Sr. Cash Clerk Inocencio Cuison
  5. Customs Security Guard Patrocinio Derecho
  6. Customs Security Guard Norman Espejo
  7. Quartermaster Pastor Gandari
  8. Clerk I Eugene Chiong
  9. Marine Engine Oiler Alejandro Canlas
  10. Customs Examiner Felipe Abella
  11. Trade Control Examiner Domingo Linsangan
  12. Trade Control Examiner Francisco Montenegro
  13. Trade Control Examiner Leopoldo Ignacio
(2)    To immediately order and effect the relief of the Collector of the Port of Davao from his position without prejudice to his formal investigation.

Your immediate compliance with this Order is enjoined.

Republic of the Philippines