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[Acts No. 1866, (1908-06-18)](
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[ Acts No. 1866, June 18, 1908 ]


By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Legislature, that:

SECTION 1. The sum of seventy-five thousand pesos is hereby appropriation. pre-printed, out of any funds in the Insular Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for salaries of teachers during the next school year, in barrio schools, which, on account of the precarious conditions of the municipalities to which they belong, it has not been possible to open, or are about to he closed for like reasons, under certain conditions.

SEC. 2. The benefits of this Act may be enjoyed only by those barrios belonging to a municipality—
(a) Which shall guarantee, by means of a certified report of the proper division superintendent, a daily average attendance of at least -sixty students:
(b) Which shall, moreover, guarantee, by means of a certificate of  said superintendent, the existence and maintenance of good highways of communication to facilitate the access of children to schools at all seasons of the year.
SEC. 3. Those barrios that are in any of the following circumstances, though having the conditions specified in the next preceding section, shall have no right to the benefits of this Act:
(a) Barrios whose schools are situated at a distance of two Kilometers or less from the central school or schools of the municipality:
(b) Barrios whose schools are at a distance of two kilometers or less from any school of an adjoining barrio.
SEC. 4. The failure to comply with any of the provisions of sub-sections  (a)  and (b) of section two of this Act shall constitute sufficient reason for the division superintendent to withdraw the benefit conferred.

SEC. 5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding section,the division superintendent, before adopting the said measure, shall call the attention of the proper municipality to the compliance with the provisions of section two, and if, in spite of ibis warning,it shall be proved by the next two reports subsequent  in the advice given by the division superintendent that neither the average daily attendance of sixty students or more, nor the arrangement and maintenance of good highways of communication has been obtained, the said measure shall be enforced, except in. those cases in which failure to comply is due to the existence of epidemics, or to any other force majure.

SEC. 6. Provision for the necessary appropriation for the salary salary of a barrio teacher shall be made upon the application by his municipality, through the division superintendent to the Director of Education who shall make such provision with the approval of the Secretary of Public Instruction.

SEC. 7. The salary to be assigned under this Act to a barrio teacher shall not be less than ten nor more than twenty pesos a month.

SEC. 8. If a barrio be unable to furnish a daily average attendance of sixty students or more a barrio school may be established by the division superintendent of schools, by and with the approval of the Director of Education, for such barrio and one or more adjacent barrios, and the school so established shall be entitled to the benefits of this Act,

SEC. 9. If, within the period designated by section one of this, Act, it shall appear that a municipality receiving the benefits' thereof has sufficient funds to pay the salary or salaries of one or more barrio teachers, authorized by this Act, the division superintendent shall so notify the Director of Education, who, after necessary investigation, in which the municipal council shall be heard,  and with  the prior approval  of  the  Secretary  of  Public Instruction, shall declare withdrawn the subsidy assigned to the above-mentioned barrios.

SEC. 10. All Acts or parts of Acts in conflict with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed.

SEC. 11. This Act shall take effect on July first, nineteen hundred and eight.

Enacted, June 18, 1908.