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[LETTER OF IMPLEMENTATION NO. 71, (1978-09-04)](
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[ LETTER OF IMPLEMENTATION NO. 71, September 04, 1978 ]


Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1458, dated June ll, 1978, and letter dated August 18, 1978 of the President/Prime Minister creating the Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation (BII), the following directives are hereby issued for immediate implementation by the new Bureau:
  1. The Anti-Smuggling Action Center (ASAC) and its Regional Offices (RASAC/DASAC) are hereby abolished effective this date;

  2. All appropriations, records, equipment, properties of the abolished office shall be transferred to the appropriate divisions or units of the Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation (BII);

  3. The Intelligence and investigation Division in the Ministry of Finance shall be absorbed by the Bureau Sections, units or personnel engaged in intelligence and investigation work in the bureaus and offices under the Ministry of Finance shall be placed under the operational supervision and direction of the Bureau;

  4. The Commissioner of the BII with the approval of the Ministry of Finance, is hereby instructed to organize and appoint his staff and personnel of the Bureau and its regional offices and border crossing stations, in accordance with the provision of Sec 3, Presidential Decree No. 1458 and Sec, 1, Art. 1, Chapter 1, Part XIX of the Integrated Reorganization Plan. In staffing the Bureau, the Commissioner has the power to define the status, movement end progress of personnel. All positions in the BII are highly confidential in nature and incumbents thereof may be removed for loss of confidence by appropriate authority;

  5. The Commissioner of the Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation is directed to organize the Finance Intelligence and Investigation Coordinating Committee (FIICC) to be composed of the heads of the different bureaus and offices under the Ministry of Finance, or their officially designated representatives, with the Commissioner of the BII as its permanent Chairman. The Committee shall be responsible for coordinating intelligence and investigation functions under the Ministry Finance;

  6. In aid of its investigation and prosecution functions, the BII shall have the authority to issue subpoena and subpoena duces tecum requiring the appearance of witnesses and production of books and papers pertinent to investigation and inquiries thereby authorized, and to examine1 them and such other documents it shall need in relation to any natter it is required to investigate.  Attorneys and investigators of the Bureau may administer oaths and take testimony in any investigation or inquiry.  In the transaction of official business, other officers of the Bureau nay administer such oath as may be necessary upon the written authorization of the Commissioner;

  7. The Commissioner of the BII is instructed to absorb such personnel as maybe necessary from the defunct ASAC and to integrate qualified personnel from the bureaus and offices affected by P.D. No. 14-58 subject to the approval of the Minister of Finance upon prior coii3ultation with the Director General, NISA.  ASAC personnel who were terminated and/or separated by reason of non-qualification under the personnel qualification requirements of the BII shall receive termination, separation or whatever compensatory pay as provided under existing laws, Republic Acts and Presidential Decrees as maybe applicable;

  8. All bureaus and offices concerned are hereby directed to extend full cooperation to the BII and to expedite actions within the provisions of existing laws on matters related to the functions of the Bureau;

  9. Details of organization relating to duties and functions, responsibilities and composition of the various operating units, divisions and regional offices of the Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation (BII) shall be prepared by the Commissioner of the Bureau who  shall likewise formulate the necessary policies, circulars, rules and regulations  implementing P.D. No. 14-58, which shall be  submitted to the Minister of Finance for approval;

  10. Civil Service Rules and Regulations relative to appointments and other personnel actions;   Provided, That they shall be  entitled to the benefits and privileges normally accorded to government employees;  and Provided further, that retired government employees who maybe employed by the Bureau in the exigency of the service shall receive  allowances commensurate to  he rates of the positions they are occupying;

  11. In addition to the transferred appropriation, the Commissioner shall make representations with the National Treasury and the  Ministry of  the Budget in order to  secure allotments as maybe necessary to carry out the provisions of P.D. No. 14-58 out of  the unappropriated balance in the National Treasury.
DONE in the City of Manila, this 4th day of September, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-eight

Republic of the Philippines
  By the President:    
  (Sgd.) JACOBO C. CLAVE    
  Presidential Executive Assistant