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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTION NO. 41, (1972-11-27)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTION NO. 41, November 27, 1972 ]

TO: The Secretary of National Defense

In order to facilitate the implementation of Presidential Decree No. 27, dated October 21, 1972, emancipating the tenants from the bondage of the soil and transferring to them the ownership of the land they till, you are hereby directed to require all agricultural landowners to submit in three (3) copies to the PC Provincial Commander of their respective provinces, sworn statements in the form attached hereto, containing the following information:
  1. List of agricultural lands owned by him throughout the country, indicating therein the area and location of each parcel;
  2. Principal crop to which each parcel of land is devoted. For those areas devoted primarily to rice and/on corn, the landowner shall indicate (a) the portions actually cultivated by tenants, (b) the names of such tenants, and (c) the area tilled by each tenant as of October 21, 1972;
  3. The average gross harvest of each tenant (on rice/corn parcels of lands) during the three (3) crop years immediately preceding October 21, 19-72; and
  4. Liens and/or encumbrances, if any, the amounts thereof, and the names and addresses of the parties who have liens and/or encumbrances over such properties as of October 21, 1972.
The deadlines for landowners in submitting the above-mentioned sworn statements to the PC Provincial Commanders shall be as follows:
  1. Group A Landowners possessing agricultural land exceeding fifty (50) hectares - - - November 30, 1972
  2. Group B Landowners possessing agricultural land exceeding seven (7) hectares but not exceeding fifty (50) hectares------------- December 10, 1972
  3. Group C All other landowners  ------    December 20,   1972
The Provincial Commander shall submit directly to you above-mentioned statements accompanied by a summary sheet containing the names of the reporting landowners and the areas of their landholdings, not later than the following dates:

1.  Group A statements -------- December 10,1972
2.  Group B statements -------- December 20,1972
3.  Group C statements -------- December 29,1972

You shall submit these statements to the Office of the President immediately upon your receipt of same.

You shall cause these instructions to be disseminated to all parties concerned in the most expeditious manner so that the deadlines, prescribed may be promptly complied with.

Done in the City of Manila, this 27th day of November, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-two.

Republic of the Philippines
  By the President:    
         Executive Secretary    



I, __________________________________ of _____________________ citizenship, married/single, of legal age, residing at _________________________________, after having been sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say:
  1. That I am an of agricultural land described as follows:

    Land Title No.
    Or Tax Declaration No.
    (Barrio, Municipal, Province)
      Total Area

  2. That of the rice/corn areas mentioned in para 1 above, the following are tenanted as indicated:

    Land Title No.
    Or Tax Declaration No.
    Name and Address
    of Tenant (s)
    Area Tilled By
    Each Tenant (Ha)
    Ave. Gross
    Annual Production
      Total Area

    (If the spaces provided herein are not sufficient, use another sheet pf paper duly signed by the affiant)

  3. That of the areas mentioned in para 1 above, the following properties have liens and/or encumbrances as indicated:

    Land Title No.
    Or Tax Declaration No.
    Name and Address
    of Morgagee (s) /Lien Holder (s)
      Total Area

  4. That I am executing this sworn statement in accordance with the requirments of Presidential Decree No. 24, dated October 21, 1972 and Letter of Instruction No. _____ dated _______________________.
In witness hereof, I hereby set my hand this _______ day of ___________________________ 1972, at ___________________________, Philippines.

Signature of Witness
Signature of Affiant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this ____________________________ day of ________________________________, 1972, the affiant exhibiting his/her Residence Certificate No. A-_______________________ issued at ______________________________________, Philippines.

Notary Public

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