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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTION NO. 105, (1973-07-31)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTION NO. 105, July 31, 1973 ]

TO: All Concerned

It has been almost a year since the leadership of the Republic instituted long-needed reforms in all aspects of Philippine society, a move that has been assessed and endorsed twice by the citizenry.

Much has to Le done, but much has been done through all these months.  This stage of the movement is now considered an auspicious time for Filipinos overseas to visit their homeland and see for themselves the positive changes under the New Society.

I am, therefore, designating the period from 1 September 1973 to 28 February 1974, as a "Homecoming Season" for Filipinos—and/or their families and descendants—who are now residents or citizens of other lands (such,parties hereinafter referred to as Overseas Filipinos), pursuant to which program the following instructions are hereby issued:
  1. The Department of Tourism in coordination with all offices in the national, provincial, city, municipal and barrio governments and the private sector, shall prepare a hospitality program for Overseas Filipinos, particularly in connection with the forthcoming Christmas season.
  2. The Secretary of Tourism, in his capacity as Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, shall cause the offering of a promotional round-trip airline fare between overseas points and the Philippines, and the offering of a promotional discount in domestic airline fares for Overseas Filipinos.
  3. The Department of Finance, in coordination with the department of Foreign Affairs, shall issue rules and regulations to implement a temporary "Tax Holiday" for Overseas Filipinos in connection with the Homecoming Season; all tax clearance requirements involved in the travel of Overseas Filipinos to and from the Philippines shall be suspends and waived.  All offices and agencies of the two Departments, here and abroad, shall be instructed accordingly.
  4. The Department of local Government and Community development, in coordination with the Office of the President the Department of Tourism and the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications, shall draw up a program of rewarding the provincial, city, municipal and barrio governments which are able to invite the most number of Overseas Filipinos.
  5. The department of Education and Culture shall formulate and implement a program to assure that our people shall accord all Overseas Filipinos with the traditional Filipino courtesy and hospitality.
  6. All government office and instrumentalities involved in the documentation, accommodation, facilitation and reception of travelers are instructed to provide maximum support and cooperation to the Department of Tourism in connection with the program.
  7. A National Hospitality Committee for Overseas Filipinos is hereby created with the First Lady, Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos, as Chairman and the Secretary of Tourism as Executive Vice Chairman.
    1. The Committee in coordination with the department of Local Government and Community Development and the department of National defense, shall or Realize and supervise the operation of Local Hospitality Committees at the provincial, city, municipal and barrio levels, especially in regard to sharing with Overseas Filipinos a traditional Filipino Christmas .
    2. The Committee is empowered and urged to call directly on any and all government departments, bureaus, offices and agencies for support and assistance in the attainment of its objectives and in pursuance of this program.
Done in the City of Manila, this 31st day of July in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred  and seventy-three.

Republic of the Philippines