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[Act No. 3270, (1926-08-11)](
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[ Act No. 3270, August 11, 1926 ]


Be it enacted by  the Senate and House of Representatives of the  Philippines in  Legislature assembled and  by the authority of the same:

SECTION 1. Subsections  (a)  and  (6) of section one of Act  Numbered Twenty-six hundred and  sixty-eight,  are hereby amended  to read as follows:

" (a) The President of the Senate, sixteen thousand pesos per annum.  Each Senator shall  receive compensation at the rate of eight thousand two hundred pesos per annum.

The Secretary of the Senate, six thousand five hundred pesos per annum.

"(b) The Speaker of the House of Representatives, sixteen thousand pesos per annum. Each Representative shall receive compensation at  the rate  of seven  thousand two hundred pesos  per annum.  The  Secretary of the  House of Representatives, six thousand  five hundred pesos per annum."

SEC. 2. The  yearly  compensation herein fixed for the Presiding Officers of both Houses  and the members of the Legislature, shall be effective as of January first, nineteen hundred and twenty-six: Provided, however, That there shall be deducted from said compensation, such amounts as may have been received by them from January first, nineteen hundred and twenty-six, to the date on which this Act shall take effect, and that the remainder of said compensation shall be paid to them in equal monthly amounts from the date on which such deduction may have been made until the  thirty-first day of December,  nineteen hundred and twenty-six.

SEC.  3. The  yearly compensation herein fixed for the Secretaries of both Houses,  shall take effect on January first, nineteen hundred and twenty-seven.

SEC. 4.  Payment of the compensation herein fixed, shall be made out of any funds appropriated in Act Numbered Thirty-two hundred and twenty-seven for the Senate  and the House of Representatives.

SEC. 5.  This Act shall take effect on its approval.

Approved, August 11, 1926.