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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 795, (1979-01-22)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 795, January 22, 1979 ]


WHEREAS, the Philippine tourism industry is developing into a major economic activity of the nation, and a promoter of the New Society to other peoples of the world;

WHEREAS, at this stage of the industry's development, highlighted by the public ownership and government operation of Philippine Air Lines, there is a need to integrate and systematize tourism promotions to ensure economy and efficiency;

NOW, THEREFORE, I order the creation of the Council on Tourism Information to be composed of the Minister of Tourism, the President of the Philippine Air Lines, the General Manager of the Philippine Tourism Authority, the Director of the Bureau of Tourism Promotions, the Executive Director of the Philippine' Convention Bureau, the Executive Director of the Philippine International Convention Center and the Director of the National Media Production Center.

The Council will prepare a program of action for one year at a time, including the design of promotional materials, the determination of the media and approach of dissemination, and operational arrangements for inter-agency cooperation and mutual support.

This Letter of Instructions is effective immediately.

Signed in Manila this 22nd day of January 1979.

President of the Philippines