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[LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 810, (1979-02-12)](
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[ LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 810, February 12, 1979 ]


All Heads of Ministries, Bureaus, Offices and Agencies, Including Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations and Financial Institutions, and Heads of Local Government Units, including Agencies and Instrumentalities at the Local Level

WHEREAS, bureaucratic red tape undermines the efficiency of government operations;

WHEREAS, numerous complaints have persisted to the present against red tape in government from the general public;

WHEREAS, there is a need to improve government service in order to ensure more efficient and faster delivery of services to the people;

WHEREAS, the reduction of red tape in government operations is a means to reduce cost for both the government and the people who transact business with the government;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, do hereby order and direct the following:
  1. An heads of ministries, bureaus, offices and agencies, including government-owned and controlled corporations, financial institutions, and local government units and their instrumentalities shall improve their respective systems and procedures with the end in view of reducing the processing time required for the approval and issuance of all government documents and papers needed by the general public in the lawful pursuit of their business, or other legitimate activities.  Toward this end, these offices shall set working deadlines for their respective officials and employees in the processing of documents and papers and shall institute the appropriate administrative penalties for non-compliance thereof.
  2. All government officials and employees are hereby enjoined to respond in the most expeditious manner to the requirements of the general public and to extend their full cooperation and assistance in the rendering of services to the people.  Furthermore, all government offices arc enjoined to cooperate fully with each other in expediting intra-government transactions.
  3. All ministries, agencies, bureaus and offices shall review and evaluate their documentation requirements and shall, thereafter, impose the minimum requirements.
  4. Whenever feasible, the authority to sign papers and documents shall be decentralized to the regions and/or their respective units at the local level.
  5. All ministries, agencies, bureaus and offices shall compile and publish their systems and procedures and regulations, together with the supporting documents required, and shall cause the same to be posted in several conspicuous places. The first publication shall be made on or before June 16, 1979.
  6. The Presidential Management Staff shall undertake the continuous monitoring of the implementation of these instructions.
  7. All ministries, agencies, bureaus, and offices are enjoined to disseminate all information regarding these instructions and shall encourage the public to report any and all violations thereto.
Done in the City of Manila, this 12th day of February, in the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and seventy-nine.

President of the Philippines