by Kenneth Guevarra Limosnero

US v. JUAN PONS, GR No. 11530, 1916-08-12


"The undersigned charges Gabino Beliso, Juan Pons, and Jacinto Lasarte with the crime of illegal importation of opium, committed as follows:

On motion of counsel Juan Pons and Gabino Beliso were tried separately.

ach were found guilty

In his motion above mentioned, counsel alleged and offered to prove that the last day of the special session of the Philippine Legislature for 1914 was the 28th day of February; that Act No. 2381, under which Pons must be punished if found guilty, was not passed or approved... on the 28th of February but on March 1 of that year; and that, therefore, the same is null and void.



(1) how that is to be proved, whether by the legislative journals or extraneous... evidence and (2) whether the court can take judicial notice of the journals.