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PEOPLE v. LOL-LO, GR No. 17958, 1922-02-27


On or about June 30, 1920, two boats left Matuta, a Dutch possession, for Peta, another Dutch possession. In one of the boats was one individual, a Dutch subject, and in the other boat eleven men, women, and children, likewise subjects of Holland. After a number of days of... navigation, at about 7 o'clock in the evening, the second boat arrived between the Islands of Buang and Bukid in the Dutch East Indies. There the boat was surrounded by six vintas manned by twenty-four Moros all armed. The Moros first asked for food, but once on the Dutch... boat, took for themselves all of the cargo, attacked some of the men, and brutally violated two of the women by methods too horrible to be described. All of the persons on the Dutch boat, with the exception of the two young women, were again placed on it and holes were made in... it, with the idea that it would submerge/although as a matter of fact, these people, after eleven days of hardship and privation, were succored. Taking the two women with them, and repeatedly violating them, the Moros finally arrived at Maruro, a Dutch possession. Two of the

Moro marauders were Lol-lo, who also raped one of the women, and Saraw, At Maruro the two women were able to escape.


the offense charged was not within the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance, nor of any court of the Philippine Islands, and that the facts did not constitute a public offense, under the laws in force in the Philippine



the judgment of the trial court as to the defendant and appellant Saraw is affirmed, and is reversed as to the defendant and... appellant Lol-lo, who is found guilty of the crime of piracy and is sentenced therefor to be hung until dead, at such time and place as shall be fixed by the judge of first instance of the Twenty-sixth Judicial District.


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